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Ring of Fortune - Guide


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Ring of Fortune



Although similar, it’s not to be confused with the popular TV show “Wheel of Fortune”.

The Ring of Fortune has four betting alternatives, represented in four colours.


Gray2x bet

Blue3x bet

Orange6x bet

Green99x bet



What’s the difference from the Wheel game at BC.game, you might wonder. The Wheel game allows you to bet on one colour at a time, while Ring of Fortune lets you bet on all colours at once, should you wish to.


The ring has a total of 32 coloured fields:


Gray - 15/32

Blue - 10/32

Orange - 6/32

Green - 1/32


How are the odds calculated, then? Is the chance of getting green 1 in 32 (3.1% chance)? Not really. The colours represent a set of numbers between 0-1000, “behind the scenes”.









This translate to the following odds:

Gray: 495/1000 = 0.495 (or 49.5% chance)

Blue: 330/1000 = 0.33 (or 33% chance)

Orange: 165/1000 = 0.165 (or 16.5% chance)

Green: 10/1000 = 0.01 (or 1% chance)



Provably fair

You can verify that the outcome of the bet is fair by following these steps.

  1.  Click on the acorn and generate a new seed image.png.03bb514a6d6e937a582dd08909cf23a8.png
  2.  Click on the bet you wish to verify.


      3.  Click on the “Verify” button.

      4.  A new tab will open in your browser, which will show the final result.

If you still mistrust the result, you can manually calculate it by following these steps. When you make a bet and roll the Ring of Fortune, the decrypted server seed, together with the client seed and nonce, will create a hmac_sha256 string.


      1.  Take the first eight characters in the hmac_256 string and convert them from hexadecimal to base10 in groups of two. You can use any hexadecimal converter.


In this case you get the following:

24 = 36

db = 219

a6 = 166

ac = 172

    2.  By putting these numbers in an equation, you will get four numbers ranging from 0-1.




    3.  Add the numbers together: 0.140625000 + 0.003341675 + 0.000009894 + 0.000000040 = 0.143976609

    4. Multiply the result by 1000 (because the colours are represented by a number between 0-1000 as specified earlier). 0.143976609 * 1000 = 143.976609000

    5. 143.97 falls in the gray area, as it is a number between 0 and 495.







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