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HiLo - Guide


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HiLo is the classic game of guessing if the next car will be higher or lower than the previous one. While some rules let Ace be either one or thirteen, the version at BC.game Ace is counted as one and King as thirteen. The odds for each guess are dependent on the value of the previous card in relation to the player’s guess (high or low).


Example: You draw a Jack as your first card. The chance for the next card to be higher than J is 23%, as J has a value of 11 and the highest value is 13, (11+0.75) /51 =  23 (paying 4.28x your bet). To get a card that is lower than J has an 84.6% chance (43 / 51 = 84%) and will pay 1.69x your bet.



Provably fair

To verify a bet you must start with renewing the client seed by clicking the acorn image.png.61bf056370e3888d9bf858cc290b425b.png

After that, you need to choose the bet you wish to verify from your betting history.




Click on the “verify” button. At the bottom of the screen, the result will show.

If you wish to manually calculate and control that the verified card actually is correct, follow these steps.

After you click on “verify” you will get a hmac_sha256 string looking something like this.



You then need to convert the eight first characters of the hmac_sha256 string in pairs of two, from hexadecimal into decimal numbers. You can use any hexadecimal converter for this.

From the string above the result would be:



Add the numbers together: 0.156250000 + 0.003250122 + 0.000002682 + 0.000000002 = 0.159502807                  

Multiply that number by 52 (the number of cards in a deck of cards) 0.159502807 * 52 = 8.294145944             

At the bottom is a table showing which card is represented by your number.


Note: This table is truncated, and goes on up to 52


We got 8 (rounded down), which represents the Jack of diamonds.

This corresponds to the card we actually got.






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i love playing Hilo. and i always play on high risk odds. easy profit when it hits. 

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