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Deposit Nightmare


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It’s been over 36 hours since I submitted a deposit and bc game has still not resolved. Kinda screwing my ability to increase my wagers this week for a higher vip bonus…

it doesn’t help that bc game recently lowered the vip bonus. As a vip member I think I deserve a bit more visibility into this whole situation instead of giving the textbook response of our team is looking into it.



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Yes, you are absolutely right, and I have been saying this all along, but instead of communicating, they play hide-and-seek and only give stalling answers.
Why it is so difficult to tell the customer openly what the problems are and to keep him informed - I have no idea

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Odd. I have made several deposits with several different coins the past few days, and all have been clear pretty much instantly.




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9 minutes ago, allykay said:

They lower everything. My weekly and charge up bonuses are less than what they were couple months ago. It's ridiculous 

An update can always happen.
And that there is less for the active ones is also ok if they think they want to do it that way.
But what is not acceptable is that the customer is not informed about it or only gets statements like this, some was more and some less.
A professional company would clearly say what was done during the update and the silence here says it all.
But also so with problems everything is always only denied and pushed on others etc. we are top casino on the market...
Even now at the moment an admin sets a time limit that has expired and apparently does not need to come online to give new information.
This should give the paying customers something to think about and it does and this is no way to deal with customers.
That's my opinion and there are no comments except that you are ignored even more than before

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7 minutes ago, allykay said:

All of my bonuses have been less. My monthly bonus a few months ago, I loss over $7,000, it was less than the month before when I lost maybe half as much. So far none of my bonuses have been more only less. 

This week, instead of getting a shit code for weekly bonus I got it as a tip. There's no reason they can't pay the contests out as tips. 

And yes they should be informing their customers on changes being made. 

Be glad you at least got your weekly bonus.
I, for example, haven't even received that yet.
But that doesn't matter to me.
What I do care about, and what I don't put up with any more, is the bad communication and the excuses, etc.
Everything could be made clear, but you are only stalled, etc.
Anyway, I have written a complaint to Stigma and asked for help for clarification.
It can't be like that - at least they were able to inform the customer.
But today is sunday and they didn't seem to need to bring a new update because then they had to admit to mistakes ...
But no here is only emphasized how good we are and how bad the others but the reality...

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3 minutes ago, allykay said:


I don't feel lucky. I lost a lot of money to get to the level I'm at and then bonuses are what seems to be cut in half. I just left a review there too. 

Here's a link, incase any one else would like to leave a review on sigma. 


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