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How To Change your Email

Lawful Placeeda

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5 hours ago, Lawful Placeeda said:

I wanted to change my email cuz i typed my old email Help?

We normally don't allow users to change their email address for security reasons. If someone gained access to your BC account they could just change your email and essentially hijack your account.

What's wrong with your old email, and have you confirmed your email on your BC account?

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On 9/3/2020 at 10:31 PM, Boynton said:

I would like to hop on this as well. I would like to change my email for the reason on wanting to get 2fa but not locking it to my main email. Thoughts?

Please use our 24x7 online support so we can understand the issue and help you better. https://support.bc.game

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