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Get Ready for Video Poker Challenge


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Welcome to Video Poker Challenge Event!
Start Date 25.02.2021 10:00 (UTC 0+)
End DateΒ  26.02.2021 10 :00 (UTC 0+)

Total Prize Pool will be 50 USDT
Top 3 winners will be awarded accordingly:

1stΒ  25 USDT
2nd 15 USDT
3rdΒ Β  10 USDT
Winners will be awarded within 48hrs after the challenge is over.

1.Challenge is open to all players who are VIP 5 or above
2. You need to get a Full House in the game of Video Poker (9x multiplier)
3.Only TRX can be used to place bets , minimum of 2 TRX
4. The top 3 that have highest TRX bet with full house result will be the tournament winners.
5.Full screenshot of your bets need to be submitted, (bet id, server hash, client seed and nonce ) need to be visible
6. Do not edit your post, you can quote your previous post and upload new one
7. In case of a tie, the post timing will be counted

Additional Info
A. Do not place bets before start of the event
B. Any cheating or manipulation used can lead to suspension of your forum account
C. Bets made need to be submitted within 30 min,
D. When you post , your post might appear hidden for sometime, if it exceeds 2hrs kindly contact support
E. All forum rules apply

Kindly follow the attached example as a guide, good luck everyone πŸ˜‰

full house kings.png

full house kings2.png

full house kings3.png

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