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Good manner should be initiated by ourselves.


Good manner should be initiated by ourselves.  

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  1. 1. What would you do if one drunkard person felt beside the road?

    • Help him
    • Call his family

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One day, some boys were planning to go out for party. A boy among them name Shyam and his girlfriend were going outside for the night out. They were students recently joined the college however they're not quite mature as they think, at the very moment when they were leaving out from there college besides the college gate. There are many persons standing and looking and taunting about that drunkard guy but no one was going to help them. Apart from that Shyam saw that guy and immediately he ran near him and saw his condition which wasn't better. Afterwards again he went to the security guard of college butler security guards refused to help him and neither agree to provide first aid kits. Thereafter Shyam's girlfriend started forcing Shyam to leave him and went as they had been planning since very beginning because all of their friends had left without knowing Shyam. On that condition what did the shyam do? Now try to keep yourself on that situation and think as you were there instead of Shyam.  

                                                                                       To be continued....


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