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Hello all new to BC new to gaming


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Hey guys I just wanted to introduce myself and humbly ask some of you experienced gentleman and ladies for any kind of help, tips, or pointers that might be available to a babe in the woods gambling chick like me… I have zero idea what I’m doing I am down bad already… A friend of mine although I don’t know that a friend would do this, LOL, wanted me to sign up and use his referral code because he knows I like games of chance as far as a scratch off here or there but damn this is different. Anyway if anyone would be kind enough to help me with some basic pointers that would be awesome, things like don’t play this game or this game is good, or this is how you earn free stuff or anything like that I would really appreciate it I know there’s some nice people out there I’ve already talked to a few in chat before I got banned.. I think it was because I said some thing about being sad I missed the make it rain thing I really don’t know anyway thanks a lot.

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